Blenheim Park Lodge 8981


pro-logo.gif  The Founder Members Were                                                              
W. Bro. Desmond Groves 
Legal executive 
W. Bro. Gordon Blakley 
Proprietor of an engineering company 
W. Bro. D Lympany 
Watch maker 
W. Bro. E T Gwynne Jones
Bro. R Cheeseman
Company sales representative 
Bro. P Savidge 
Partner in a Hydraulic business with another founder member 
W. Bro. D Woodruff 
Local builder 
Bro. G Onion
Proprietor of a security service company 
Bro. E Taylor (Retired) 
Secretary of the Middlesex Football Association 
W. Bro. Harold 
W. Bro. W Gibbs 
Managing Director of J Gibbs & Son 
W. Bro. E Denyer
Proprietor of a garage business
Bro. B Groves 
Proprietor of a security service company 
Bro. S Cunningham 
Steward at the Feltham ex-servicemen's club 
W. Bro. J Brookabank 
Profession unknown 
W. Bro. A Morris 
W. Bro. E Wells 
Retired policeman and a security officer for British Airways
Bro. M Lazell 
Employed in the motor trade 
Bro. H Coleman 
Profession unknown 
Bro. G Cook 
Employed by British Airways 
Bro. D Cambell 
Bro. J Qurie-Beatie 
Partner in a Hydraulic business 
W. Bro. L Grayor
Bro. E Chivers
Profession unknown
W. Bro. B Lawson 
Egg farmer
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Lodge of England