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W. Bro Paul Stevens PPrGReg First joining member in 1981 and Master in 1987, 1997 and 2014. Unfortunately he was not able to become a founder member as at the time he was still three months short of being a Master Mason for the required three year period, our current Junior Warden and Chaplain. 

W. Bro Mark Redknap Initiated in1987 and Master in 1995 our current Junior Deacon.

W. Bro Malcolm Smith PPrGSwdB, PPrGStdB Initiated in 1991 and Master in 1998 an 2004 our current Treasurer and Mentor. 

W. Bro Terry Bayley PPrDepGReg Initiated 1992 and Master in 1999. 

W. Bro Erle Beale PPrGSuptWks, S.L.G.R, PProvGStdB, Initiated on 22nd June 1998 and Master in 2002, 2003, 2012 and 2013, Provincial Grand Steward in 2007,  promoted to Provincial Junior Grand Deacon in 2009,  L.G.R in November 2010promoted to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent Works in 2016, promoted to S.L.G.R on 1st March 2018, our current Director of Ceremonies.

W. Bro James Dyett PPrSGD. PProv1stAGSojInitiated on 20th May 1996, re joined 23rd February 2009 and Master in 2005 and 2010, first appointment to Provincial Grand Pursuivant  in 2013, our current Secretary, and Almoner.

W. Bro Fred Hames PPrGSuptWks, master in 2009, is now an Honorary Member.

W. Bro. Sean Austin. Initiated on 16th May 2011. Master on 26th February 2018.


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